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Welcome to Xinput. First Unicode based input method solution for Indian langauges on GNU/Linux platform.Full Free Version.

 Sample Uses of  Xinput 

General Usage

Email, both web-based and email applications such as Kmail, Evolution, Hotmail, Yahoo!   Mail,rediffmail,gmail

Content creation using OpenOffice,KOffice

Development of Unicode applications that take input in Indian languages

Storage of information in Indian languages using pgadmin database software and

For localization Purpose.


Develop content in Indian languages using applications of your choice

Use Xinput for an economic means to create, edit and distribute content in Indian languages. /p>


Educational Institution

Develop applications in Indian languages for teaching language courses

Deploy Xinput to facilitate communication using Indian languages via email, instant messaging among your personnel

Create content in Indian languages for students to use and communicate



Reach a wider audience by presenting your content in Indian languages

Create news reports,online advertisements, other content in multiple Indian languages to cater to specific language groups

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