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Welcome to Xinput. First Unicode based input method solution for Indian langauges on GNU/Linux platform.Full Free Version.

Our Competition

Most DO NOT support Unicode
Most of them use proprietary fonts/input schemes
Some even come with proprietary font rendering engines
Some are server-based solutions which are slow and non-standard



Easy to use
Free Software under GPL License
First Solution which supports ITANS input method for all Indian languages.
Use the popular applications that you are already familiar with (OpenOffice,KOffice)
Supports several popular transliteration schemes and keyboard layouts
Support for Unicode.
Runs on all Distros of Linux that supports X protocol



On top of being most convenient and intuitive way to type in Indian languages using
an English keyboard our solution has the following advantages as well:

Uses Unicode: This allows data interchange between applications using cut and paste and other Windows standard mechanisms. Other non-Unicode solutions do not give this portability as the character-mapping for each font is vendor-dependent and can change without notice.

Consistent: Our input method supports many popular Input schemes. We support ITRANS across all supported Indian languages. ITRANS is consistent across all Indian languages. That is, a user familiar with typing using this method (in any language) can do the same in any other language without re-learning the character sequence.

Comprehensive: Our solution is not application specific. Our software directly speaks with OS in a standard manner and so can be used across all applications on SuSe,RedHat,Debian.

 Standard: Xinput is similar to other international input schemes that use the same standards for example Japanese, Chinese etc.,

Compact: This software has a small footprint as it uses Xlib Library for fast and efficient transformation from English character sequence to the respective Indian language.


What is expected in Future Versions?

Support for adding additional languages or input schemes (as they become
available) without updating the software. (This is Advance Mode Presently it
will show message not yet implemented)

Support for conversion of font  coded Indian language text to Unicode text.

All free fonts are expected to distribute with this Xinput.

Addition of TYPEWRITER and REMINGTON input schemes.



  © Copyright 2004-2005. input method solution