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Welcome to Xinput. First Unicode based input method solution for Indian langauges on GNU/Linux platform.Full Free Version.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Install xinput?

   Just get the rpm from and run the following command
  Login as root
   # rpm -ivh xinput-5.0-1.i386.rpm
  thats it now you can type xinput to run it.


2. Can I add my own keymaps without changing the software.

   No.Customization support is not yet added in xinput.It is expected in verion 6.0
   continuous development is going on xinput. so don't bother. this support will be added in next


3. Can I modify source code ?

   Yes. Xinput is free software released Under GNU/GPL license that gives you right to modify
   and just have to attach the original copyright notice before distributing.


4. What is meant by xinput runs at system level?

   Xinput runs at system level means that xinput is not an application specific.that means if u run
   xinput it grabs the keyboard and becomes effective in any window that is in focus.


5. Does it supports Right to left scripts ?

  Yes. it supports Arabic and Urdu. But these are at experimental level in version 5.0


6. Why Xinput Supports Unicode ?

  Unicode is 16-bit character set which is natively supported by most of the linux distro.Unicode covers

  all major indian languages.Also indian language content created using unicode is searchable on internet or intranet.

  thats why unicode was the only choice for xinput.

  for more information about Unicode visit


7. Does Xinput supports 8-bit character sets like ISCI, ISFOC etc ... ?

  No. xinput works only for Unicode text.


8. can I convert content created with ISCII or ISFOC encoding to Unicode ?

  Yes you can. but xinput does not support any text conversion right now. There
  are solutions exist for such coversion but xinputs primary purpose was to give input
  method solution.


9. Any competitions in this area ?

   currently xinput is the only input method solution for indian languges which includes
   all the languages and various input schemes like INSCRIPT,PHONETIC,ITRANS.
   few of solutions are exist listed below
   INSCRIPT for All languages by IndLinux

   PHONETIC for devanagari named Bolnagari by IndLinux

   No solution for ITRANS only xinput is there.
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