What’s xinput ?
     System Requirements
     How to Install Xinput
     Existing Solutions and xinput
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Welcome to Xinput. First Unicode based input method solution for Indian langauges on GNU/Linux platform.Full Free Version.

  Welcome to aspitech solutions.  

 What is Xinput ?

          Xinput is a standards-based software tool that facilitates inputting content in Indian languages.   While enabled,
  Xinput automatically transliterates the English characters you type to a target Indian   Language in the application of focus.
   Xinput works as a conduit between the keyboard and the target   application. It is very flexible in that you can change the
  target language, the input scheme from GUI   provided. It supports the popular ITRANS transliteration scheme and several
   keyboard layouts such as Inscript , Phonetic , Typewriter and Remington (Typewriter and.  Remington are Underdevelopment) 



 Features :

   All Input is based on Unicode Which is natively supported by all latest Unix
   based Operating Systems 

   On-the-fly conversion of ASCII text written in ITRANS (or any supported input scheme)
   to target encoding.

   Multilingual Support.  

   Support for multiple keyboard layout (phonetic, inscript, itrans etc)

   Not Application Specific i.e Xinput works at System Level uses X protocol to communicate with  



 System Requirements

  1) KDE >=3.2.1 or GNOME >=2.8 is recommended

 2) Qt 3.3.1 or greater is must.

 3) 1.4 MB Disk Space

  if the above conditions are not satisfied by your system then rpm will not get installed on your


   How to Install Xinput on your machine

  1.      Login as root
  2.      run the command

        linux# rpm ivh xinput-5.0.i386.rpm

          thats it. Now you can run xinput by just typing xinput on terminal.

  How to uninstall Xinput from your machine

  1.      Login as root
  2.      run the command

        linux# rpm e xinput-5.0.i386.rpm

          it will successfully get uninstalled from your machine.


    Comparisons with existing solutions

    Presently All Linux distribution natively supports inscript keyboard layout for
   Indian language input . And phonetic support is added by IndLinux group for
   devanagari known as  Bolnagari. 

    Compared to these existing solution xinput is highly flexible and customizable
   which presently supports INSCRIPT, PHONETIC, and ITRANS input schemes.

   There is no support for itrans input today. But xinput is the only solution for itrans.
   xinput also can support TYPEWRITER and REMINGTON input schemes which is the
   most popular schemes in Government offices but this work is underdevelopment.
   These will added in future versions of Xinput.


  © Copyright 2004-2005.                                               Input method solution for indian languages